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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  August 29, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome to a sunday morning news. >> top stories in a moment, but
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first of the downside. good morning. >> good morning, ladies. a beautiful start for us this morning. now we will turn the corner. summer will not give up that easily. we will feel the heat we have had most of the summer. today is a transition. temperatures are warming up quickly. 74 at the airport. we will continue to climb into the upper 80's and low 90's. it will be borne this afternoon. however, next week that will change. the temperatures will get even warmer, the humidity will go up. we will be the set and it forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, tony. one person is dead and eight others recovering after a rampage at a high school reunion. >> this morning, police have arrested and charged 28-year- old jane dickson with the crime. -- james dixon.
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>> james dixon is charged with first-degree murder after he went on a one man stabbing rampage that ended with eight people injured and one dead. it happened at this reunion in south baltimore. in the middle of a high school reunion from 1995-2005. >> an altercation broke out on the inside where multiple people were sad. the altercation continued outside think of where people were stabbed. >> police said the other victims are expected to be ok. she overheard what happened from an eyewitness. >> he had barely made it out from the parking lot. people were just dropping around him. >> we do not have a motive for the fight. apparently one man went on a stabbing rampage.
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>> and george cunningham is the security manager. >> a total shock for all of us. >> of the reunion organizers hired a private security company that screened people as they came inside. police recovered the knife and a gun. >> there must have that i fall somewhere i am assuming. >> they later arrested based on the security identification. >> baltimore county are now searching for the suspect in a home invasion around 11:40 p.m. at three men forced their way in a home while the owner was watching -- walking his dog. they did recover some evidence in the area but no arrests have been made. days after the videotape confrontation with a teenager, former baltimore city police officer is speaking out.
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he said he was "devastated and blindsided by his dismissal." he said before the 2007 incident he had warned the team that skateboarding at the harbor was illegal. the video did not show him shaking hands after the altercation. they recommended he be suspended for conduct. wednesday, the police commissioner decided to fire him. he is appealing the decision. ♪ >> in the maryland race for governor, did the nominees have yet to be rejecting nominees have yet to agree on a debate scheduled. robert ehrlich released this friday and yesterday governor martin o'malley released his tax information. they have a made nearly $900,000 together since 2007. this includes $60,000 o'malley it received in pension benefits,
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serving two terms as a councilman and two terms as mayor. is 115,000ley's pay bigger tax returns indicate they've donated over $90,000 to charity. the group fighting this has opened their campaign headquarters. they appealed for an election day site. voters will will decide if something should be built on the side. debra wiener has more. >> this office in hanover is now they're a war room. they want voters to vote down question a. >> we are not against slots. we are against them at the mall or family oriented locations. we do not think we should sacrifice our community parks to viability. >> if they want to build a slots
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park with 5000 machines next to the arundel mills mall. they already have the license. earlier this summer, md.'s highest court proposed ballot question which could change the local law to allow the slots parlor to be built. a new television ad to convince voters to vote no would hit the air is being said. >> we have the power to keep the slots parlor out of a rumpled mills mall. against slots? but against question a. >> they say it is a bad location. >> adding a casino parlor would increase traffic to the point where it would be absolute gridlock. >> many voters are misinformed. by voting no, slots will never come to an rondo county. a proposed website is already up and running. a television commercial will begin within the next two weeks. we want to make sure everyone
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understands that what they're voting on is to allow slots or not allow us wants. the zoning bill before the ballot question is there were either response or there will not be slots. >> debra wiener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> this will create 4000 jobs and bring in $5 million in annual revenue for the state. >> the legacy of dr. martin luther king's message on the anniversary of the "i have a"dream speech, a gathering by conservative glenn beck during a big crowd. another rally accused him of trying to hijack the legacy. here is brian more with more. >> hundreds of thousands traveled to the lincoln memorial for glenn beck. >> something a bond -- beyond
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imagination is happening. america today begins to turn back to god. >> the event targeted conservative t party supporters. >> we must not fundamentally transform america. we must restore america and restore honor. >> there are a lot of inspirational people here. >> americans have gotten lazy. >> yes, we will take it all back. >> this is not a political rally, but the enormous crowd, much larger than expected, provide a good benchmark of the tea party movements in this election year. this the place on the anniversary of martin luther king's famed "i had a dream" speech. rev. al sharpton held a rally and march of his own. >> they have the platform, but we have the dream.
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>> we need to try to work toward coming together as a nation. i have friends at the rally, but i want to be here. >> brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still had come to the state school superintendent answers your questions. >> first, we had to the gulf region. is the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> there could be a tropical brought along the east coast on labor day weekend. we will check
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>> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with your meteorologist. >> welcome back. the time is 12 minutes after 9:00 a.m. 74 degrees downtown. humidity is starting to climb, but still in a comfortable range. barometer pressure at 30.25.
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yesterday we were in the 80's. now we will jump back into the summertime heat regime. right now, low to mid 70's. 72 in westminster, 73 and the rising sun. we will keep things drive for the next couple of days. the high pressure will move off of the coast and hour winds will move to the west and southwest and we will bring in some of the heat that has been in the plains states. this is moving east down. that is the major weather for the beginning of the work week. toward the bridge a weekend, we will have to keep an eye on the topics. here is danielle. is not a player anymore. the next storm in line is tropical storm earl. sustained winds now up to 70
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miles per hour. it is almost a hurricane. 600 miles off of pr. this will strengthen over the next couple of days perhaps reaching category three status. a major hurricane as it becomes closer to the coast of the united states. here is the timeframe. 6:00 a.m. friday, the hurricane center thinks it will be a category three off of the coast. you notice this, of uncertainty does include ocean city. if you have travel plans in the mid atlantic beaches, you should be very careful about what happens in the tropics. this will be a close call. they're very well could be a major hurricane off of the mid- atlantic coast over the holiday weekend. here at home, a warmer temperatures but still comfortable with upper 80's and load 9 the's. we will drop it to the 60's overnight. the sunset is at 7:42 p.m. turning up the heat monday and
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tuesday with temperatures in the mid by the's and humidity will go up each day. if part will come through thursday and friday with some scattered thunderstorms which should not the temperatures back in the 70's. back over to the news desk. >> there are going to be two special celebrations. >> these will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the boy scouts. tell us about your plans. >> good morning. we are here today to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the boy scouts of america on this great ship, the u.s.s. comfort, a great symbol of peace and freedom around world. >> what will the boys got that from this experience? they are there already. >> there are touring the ship today as part of our navy week of that. they get a sense of what their navy does on a day-to-day basis.
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they also get a sense of the opportunities that exist to serve their country from the young sailors serving in the navy today. >> tell us more about what you have planned for baltimore navy week. >> a busy week for us and it is great to be in baltimore. we kicked off last night with the coin toss at the ravens game. great to see them win. we will do the other presentation throughout the baltimore area all week as well as we are at the maryland state fair. we will have sailors there all week. we have the navy band performing from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. nightly. we also have some displays out there and an opportunity for the public to speak to our sailors. >> i was just going to ask the public could get involved in the events other than at the state fair. >> we also have the uss monsoon and the uss whitney highland on port. they're welcome to come on
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board and it tore the ships. >> thank you very much, admiral. it has been a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next on 11 news, our financial experts weighs in on the double dip discussion debate. >> lives dramatically changed by health care. the director of health care for all is here with that story. >> first come and look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> welcome back. some not so good economic news in this sunday morning's "business report." our nation's economic growth rate from april to june rose 1.6%. good enough for many economists think we will avoid falling into another recession. >> big picture, the global economy is staging a moderate but quite solid recovery in general. >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke alleviated fears by saying the fed may drive down interest rates, purchase government bonds, and make their plans more transparent. the question many are asking, given the recent numbers, will we avoid another recession? jonathan mary is here with more answers on that. great to have the. let's -- great to have you. >> i do not think so, but let me first to be the case for a
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double-dip recession, a second recession. the bears are saying there is a chance it could happen most the because of the slowing gdp numbers. it was revised downward from 2.4% down to 1.6%. another reason is the stubborn unemployment rate. we are still hovering at or around 10% unemployment which is that a good sign for the economy. the last two factors that could argue for a double-dip recession are the weak housing data we saw in existing housing sales which declined 27% in july when the tax credits expired. consumers just are not spending. i did not know about you, but most americans are hunkering down and playing off -- paying off their debt. >> we are trying to save up. give us more on the case against a double-dip and how we could avoid it. >> i am in the second camp. i am not saying an official second recession.
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a recession is defined by two or three consecutive negative quarters of g.d.p. growth literally going into the negative territory. i do not see that most the because of the the companies around the country's, corporate balance sheets are unbelievably pristine. they are sitting on $2 trillion in cash and they are ready to hire people landed best in equipment. they just need to answer some on certain questions right now. another thing that is pretty good for the economy is that earnings reports are fabulous. 87% of companies that have reported earnings have beat their estimates. they are really strong. there is a wall street expression called, "do not fight the fed." they indicated they are willing to do what ever they can to keep us from going into recession. i think are -- we are experiencing slower than expected recovery. >> so what does the average consumer do with this information?
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do we break out? >> no, that is not what you want to do. we need balance. being balanced and having your assets spread between stocks, bonds, international, commodities. do not try to hit home runs as an investor in this environment. place in defense but have some assets in stocks as well. one of the things i have learned is that stocks can go up when you least expect them. it could be november stock could take up. >> thank you, john. we appreciate your time as always. coming up next, your sunday gardener. >> this morning, we are in front of a house that dates back to a revolutionary time. the garden was an old one with a lot of fayed. i am sure this is a natural pond. >> it is being protected by this. it keeps the fish under the water safe. >> we will address that.
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener." i'm john collins. we are on a 200 + year-old property. >> that three created a lot of shade for plants. >> that is not geared damage. that is from the sun burning their leaves.
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this hawse gets fall afternoon sun now. >> she is going to go ahead and did those of big and not a great time to do that. you should in september or october. there are many of trees on the property. the roots are in tact. we did suggest to continue to divide that. cut off about half of the foliage. we are stretched for time with a lot of heat. >> these are easy and there are tough. >> there are tough. they put up with an awful lot and keep on going. >> the water feature is at the base of this old tree stump. what is it full of? >> water lettuce. as it turns out, susan hammer said valley view, and a lot of people there have water features. >> so this will all be converted
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from what was more or less a lot of shade to a more of a sun garden? >> we do have plenty of lavender that has just recently been planted. she can bring in some butterflies and hummingbirds. there are just all kinds of things going on. as you said, this is a work in progress. by to get a sense of new accomplishment in sunny areas and a lot more flattering. >> yes. a lot more going on. >> we are moving into september here. >> we will get back into some prime planting season so a lot of annuals. a lot of trees and shrubs. you do not have to worry about the heat as much. hopefully we will have a more regular rainfall. go out now and take stock. look at your garden. see what needs to be done and start planning ahead.
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>> now is the time. >> absolutely. >> think you for joining us this morning. -- thank you for joining us this morning. >> if you have a guard in question, you can send it in to "sunday gardener" and visit our website >> as schools reopen oliver maryland, the state school superintendent joins us for our sunday q&a. >> there are signs of hope in the gulf region five years after hurricane katrina. >> we could have a tropical along the east coast on labor day weekend. we talk about that and check our own 70 forecast which includes some of summertime heat.
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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning in hd. >> thank you for joining have today. >> let's take a look outside. >> a beautiful day this sunday. temperatures bottom out this morning in the 50's and a 60's. let's take a look at some of the numbers. in the upper 70's downtown. 74 in the airport and 72 at
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westminster bank of the humidity is comfortable. a lot of sunshine with a high temperature near 90 this afternoon. a lot of heat in the 7 day forecast when i come back in a few minutes. for now, back to the news desk. >> hard to believe it has been five years, but five years ago today hurricane katrina ripped across the southern gulf. >> today, president obama will speak in new orleans as work continues outside the city in protecting were lent from another devastating storm. jay gray has more from the marlins. cracks at the recovery continues, president obama will travel to and were once to mark the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. -- president obama will have trouble to new orleans. the army corps of engineers will have -- are working to make sure it never happens again.
9:33 am
this massive barrier wall was the cornerstone of a new storm protection system that stretches out 350 miles around the city. it extends the first line of defense 8 miles from where it was before in the lower ninth quarter, 12 miles from the superdome. >> the city is much more safe than it was five years ago from the standpoint of reducing the risk of storms. >> all of the canal pumping stations have been refurbished. levees have been raised and reinforced, much of this, but by crewmembers who called the were in town. >> people live behind this wall. children and grandchildren live behind this wall. their concern that this will work. they would not put their children and grandchildren behind this wall without believing. >> many people on both sides of the wall parade will never be tested. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> from the days before to the devastation that followed, our interactive timeline shows this in pictures. it is on our website,, and click on "as seen on." >> kids all over the area are gearing up for back to school. the perfect time for dr. nancy grasmick to be here this morning. >> in honor of the ravens and there when. -- their win. >> you have been talking to the race to the top brant we have gone. i do not think the public -- people understand. >> it was a very competitive grant offered to all 50 states. 10 states were recently selected and we were honored to be one of those states with $250 million. but this will mean for our schools is the opportunity to ensure that no child has to attend a failing school by
9:35 am
accident of where the child may live. we are really focusing on our lower performing schools and increasing the achievement of students within those schools. the second thing will be recruiting. we will be recruiting great teachers and great principles for our schools. we will be joining other states in this nation to adopt common core standards which will define our curriculum. the excitement of that is it will have international benchmarks associated with it so our children will be competitive with students from across the world. they will have an opportunity to really see these best practices and to learn about best practices across the world. it is an exciting time for maryland. maxey manchin recruiting teachers. that is something we see the state during very aggressively over the past several years. talk about the teacher shortage
9:36 am
of this year. does it still exist? >> there is a shortage in specific subject areas like math, science, special- education, some foreign languages. it is very minimal compared to previous years. previously, we have hired about 7000 to 8000 new teachers. this year we will be hiring 3000 new teachers. i think the economy has affected the number of teachers who are eligible and retiring. i also think there is a huge interest in education across our country. people are leaving other professions to come into teaching. 47% up to 49% of our teaching staff knew the recruited are career changers, people coming from other professions through these very aggressive alternative routes. we are excited about that. we still want to encourage
9:37 am
particularly in the areas of shortage to come into teaching. >> switching gears, we have some your questions for you today. the first one addresses teachers. i would like to ask if you think the payment incentive to teachers or high test scores is an accurate way to increase teacher effectiveness and test scores. >> we have had an incentive program since 1997. we have individual school systems the negotiating incentives. the areas where we are most interested in this sense has to do with our grade teachers and principals going into the lowest performing schools to really turn around those schools. we want to offer them incentives to be willing to do that hard work. >> you believe you have seen results that it is working? >> it is working. it will be accelerating as part of a legislative reform bill that was passed.
9:38 am
the opportunity to negotiate that at the local level and provide work incentives is clearly there. >> our last question is somewhat specific. i and a stand that these are regulated under federal law. can you explain what that is? >> individual education plan for a child who has a disability. >> recently my child has been evaluated and it was recommended he be a placed on main504 -- on a 504. now we have been told they are not at discretion of the principal. what are the rights of the child in this situation? >> it is a federal requirement. these are children who need some accommodation who may not have the severity of the beating -- needing an i.e.p. if the family feels they're not getting a response from the local schools, they should
9:39 am
certainly speak with the local school superintendent. in the case of any clarification required, they can call our office 410-767-0462 and we will be glad to assist. >> dr. grasmick, thank you for being here. >> here is a look at what is coming up on "meet the press." >> five years after hurricane devastated new orleans, we are like to take a look at where things now stand. joining us at the table, two of the areas noted political leaders. mary and mitch landrieu. then into the with the brad pitt. garland robinete, and doug
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>> your 11 insta-weather + forecast. >> welcome back. it is 42 minutes after 9:00 a.m. 74 degrees at bwi marshall. and light west wind at 3 miles per hour. it will get a little bit warmer this afternoon. this is going to be a transition day for us. we're going back into a summertime set up for next week. 72 degrees, 76 at rock called. in the area of high pressure over the mid atlantic which will keep things drive.
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as this moves off the coast, we will turn winds to the southwest on the backside of that thing and we would get some of that he which will move. our major with a headline will be the heat. i assure you the seven-day forecast, but this is hurricane danielle. it mr. bermudez and will not affect anything. the next one in line is -- it missed the bermudas. the next one in line is early which is 600 miles to the east of puerto rico. it will be a close call. the hurricane sadr thinks they will come up on a track north of the bahamas and between bermuda and the east coast of the united states and strengthen. by the time we had the end of the week, it is expected to be a category 3 hurricane with winds around whenever 20 miles per hour. by 6:00 a.m. on friday, you notice the cone of uncertainty,
9:44 am
it is a difficult to project where the storms will go several days in advance. and as possible we could have a major hurricane very close to the mid-atlantic coast line as we had to the beginning. if you have travel plans at the beach, you might want to keep updated. up for temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's. tonight, clear and comfortable. we will bottom out in the 60's. going into the middle of next week, hot. the humidity will go up as well. temperatures will be in the mid 90's. a front will come through for thursday and friday with some scattered storms and hopefully dropping temperatures back in the 70's. >> it is not often make it to see and hear of from those whose
9:45 am
lives have been impacted in a good way. joining us to talk more about the faces of maryland's newly insured is the president of maryland citizens health commission. >> thank you for being here. over 200,000 parents, children, and seniors are now insured as a result of reform. >> we have expanded health care significantly in maryland. we have gone from 44th to 16th in the country. we are proud to announce this new book that highlights the stories. these stories are really moving. they show that health reform works. we all benefit because it will have health care in their the hospital without insurance and get huge bills they cannot pay the we do not have to pay the bills. it is really good for everyone. >> highlight one of the stories
9:46 am
for us. there are so many moving stories here. >> the best story is the story of a woman in the western maryland to came to a press conference. this was bipartisan. democrats and republicans voted for it. that bill help everyone and all these people. they came to the press conference and told us how she worked for many years. she went to school. her husband worked. she had kids. her husband could not afford health care. she knew about health insurance for her children. she went to local social services and they said the new law meant she could have healthcare also. a couple of weeks later she was feeling ill and she would have shrugged it off. they said it that it would have
9:47 am
killed her. now because she has medicaid they can prevent that from happening which would save her life. she came and said, "thank you for saving my life." that is the message. hundreds of thousands of maryland years have benefited from this law and we believe this is good for federal reform. this builds on what others have done to achieve health care for almost all americans. we all benefit. every time we pay an insurance premium, $1,000 of it goes to health care for the uninsured. that is a hit in health care tax. >> if so your message in the testaments we see in this book that health care reform works but there's still work to be done. >> we will build on federal reform to make sure it is properly implemented. that is why we proposed a dime increase on the alcohol in tax.
9:48 am
the $1 tax on cigarette smoking has made us one of the los smoking taxes. we think this would reduce underage drinking and provide money for expanding health care to others. that is why we are so happy to announce that over 140 candidates for the general assembly have endorsed this. we think it will happen. dr. martin luther king said out of all of the a form -- all the forms of inequality that health care was one of the worst. if he was alive today, we hope he would say, "good work, md.." >> up next, we are in the 11 news kitchen. here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. and is time for our favor part of the morning, "sunday brunch." thank you for coming in. you have a charity event coming up that is kind of important. >> it is with the mondavi family benefit. -- benefiting families. it will be simulcast from california. >> that is very cool. >> we will be showing some food and wine that you have never seen at morton's.
9:52 am
we will be paring together with the mondavi family. this is once again and benefiting the make a wish foundation. >> and how can people help you out? >> contact the restaurant or visit the web site. there is a chance for you to win a trip for two to napa. >> what are we firing up to date? >> this is a chilean c--- sea bass. it is becoming a quick favorite. >> everyone thinks you are a great steak house, but you have great seafood as well. >> thank you. we do. we will be paring this with a pineapple pepper salsa. we will take a nice fish fillet and we both had this dry and add a little olive oil to the fish. >> would you look for when you
9:53 am
go to the local grocery store when you want a great bass. >> the appearance of the fish market is a good indication of whether or not you want to shop there. >> and some places have a high turnover? >> yes. you want to make sure they turn the product and that everything is fresh. >> excellent. >> in a little olive oil on both sides of the fish to keep it from sticking. i will add a little of the morton's seasoning salt. i have a nice black steel pan preheated on this bill. >> annual drop this on the oven or do it in the stove top. >> normally we do this on the broiler.
9:54 am
you can probably still do this on the stove top. i personally like to finish fish in the oven. you can get the recipe for this wonderful fish dish if you go to ." -- go to or send a self-addressed stamped envelope. we will come back after a short break and see the finished product and go through the west ♪
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>> 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the 24-10 win over the giants
9:57 am
in last night's third preseason game appeared to have gone just about perfectly until the end of the game when john harbaugh received that stalworth suffered a broken foot which could have some roster reconstruction. a pair of first half touchdown passes. the first game of the second quarter and a drive later, he would find todd heat for a touchdown at well but -- as well. they had a 17-3 lead at the half. it was the first touchdown. the ravens had given up this entire season. a 24-10 against the giants. they have to cut their roster to 75. in the preseason finale on the road in st. louis at. after that, on the roster needs
9:58 am
to go down to 53. i'm gerry sandusky. you have yourself a fantastic day. >> welcome back. here is the finished product. thank you for joining us today.
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